Here you will find lots of free advice on how to compare kitchen deals, what to look for when you are buying a new kitchen, how to get the design right and where to buy your new kitchen.  Then we have answers to some of the basics like  “what will a new kitchen cost?”  “how much should be allowed for installation?” and “how can I finance my new kitchen?”

special offersComparing Deals

Welcome to the first minefield.   You will be bombarded by discounts, special offers, free gifts, easy payments and every inducement to buy imaginable, so how do you find your way through this tangle of marketing hype, part truths and aggressive sales pitches?  Let us give you some comparison tips and hints.  

It's really important to remember that comparing prices is only part of comparing what's on offer.  In the kitchen industry price comparisons mean very little and can in fact be misleading. 


kitchen close up

Kitchens Examined

As you look around various suppliers and showrooms, it won’t be long before you see some very similar looking kitchens, but at very different prices.  You might even be told by a salesperson that they are “the same”.  But are they?  Here’s what you need to be looking at to spot the differences.

There are differences if how units are constructed and the materials used can vary considerably.  Find out here what to look for and learn which features are important.  


the designGetting the Design Right

You will encounter many people who are called kitchen designers.  Some will be experts at their job and others might be a little less experienced, and sadly, if they don’t have an FKBD accreditation, you have no way of knowing for sure if the advice you are given is good or not.  We can give you a few design basics which will help you evaluate their advice.

Remember, kitchen design is much more than simply putting boxes in a certain order.  You must consider your needs, your lifestyle, practicality and safety.


where to buy?Where to Buy

This is a tricky decision too, and one usually based on price and maybe personalities.  You can find good deals in many different places and the FKBD will always encourage you to check out your local specialist who will usually be very competitive on price and can give that personal service too.  If you can’t find an FKBD member close by, here’s a few hints to help make your decision.

Don't be afraid to visit your local kitchen specialist because you think they will be too expensive.  Chances are you will be very pleasantly surprised.


kitchen costThe Cost of a Kitchen

This depends on many factors, and usually it’s better to approach from the opposite direction.  Set your budget and find a kitchen which fits.  To help you along we have some guidance to help you understand the pricing of kitchens and give you an idea of what costs to expect.




installation costInstallation Costs

Frequently overlooked and underestimated, installation is a big part of your kitchen cost.  This must be considered within your budget plans or you could be in for a very nasty shock.  Here are our tips for planning and budgeting for your kitchen installation.





kitchen financeFinancing your Kitchen

How you plan to pay for your kitchen will certainly influence how much you can invest.  Looking at the finance options is essential when you plan your budget.  Here are some options for you to consider. 





delivery & installationDelivery and Installation.

When you have made up your mind and your new kitchen is ordered you  might be wondering about the delivery, what arrangements you need to make and how many cups of tea will be needed for the installers.  

Find out what to expect, the sequence of events and what preparations you will need to make.  Read out hints and advice for making the delivery and installation as smooth an experience as possible.



Ask our Experts.

If you have a question, please ask and we will do our best to find an answer for you.  

At last it’s all finished and your brand new kitchen is gleaming.  You have time now to enjoy, to cook and to entertain.  You can relax and take pleasure in selecting some of the smaller but equally essential items and gadgets which will help to turn your kitchen into a practical family space.

Check out our information on kitchen essentials, those smaller appliances, kitchen tools, pots and pans, in fact everything you will need in your new dream kitchen.  Read our cookery articles and reviews, tips on food and drink and ideas for entertaining and everyday family meals.

We are always happy to hear your stories and experiences of buying a new kitchen.  Please tell us how your new kitchen worked out.

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